Bonds and Consequences

A serial novel of epic fantasy

About Bonds and Consequences

Bonds and Consequences is a serial epic fantasy novel, based in a world patterned loosely on Europe and Mediterranean North Africa/Middle East during the height of the Byzantine Empire. This fantasy world has been rattling around in my head for the better part of twenty years, and has been the subject of many starts and stops in my writing. This is the first work set in the world that has come to any sort of fruition. It’s been a frustrating twenty years.

This story – one of three parts of the main, overarching tale – is told from various viewpoints: Rafella, young Queen of the island nation of Rûhn and Protector-Designate of the Root of Wytheras; Sebasten Mol, a veteran soldier with the mysterious Secthi Order, a Way academy from the Altessan continent; and Poul, Rafella’s husband and Prince Consort, who was once heir to the throne of the Altessan Empire before renouncing to marry Rafella. This is the story of how their lives intersect on one fateful night, and the consequences of the bonds, both real and ephemeral, placed upon them.

The entire novel, mostly the output of a couple of tries at NaNoWriMo, will be serialized here over the coming weeks and/or months. The version you read in these pages is what I would call a very rough first edit: not exactly a first draft, but the draft of the text after my initial read-through and the minor changes I simply had to make before releasing it into the wild. As such, it’s not going to be perfect, not by a long shot. And, on the off chance that this thing ever sees real-world publication, I would expect changes, both minor and major, from the version available here. However, we’ll worry about that happy occurrence if and/or when that comes; let’s not go and put the cart before the horse, hm?

So, enjoy Bonds and Consequences. I’m going to update the site with a new portion of the novel at least once a week, sometimes more, until we reach the conclusion. Please feel free to comment on any of the entries – feedback is always important. And hey, why don’t you shoot me an email at bondsandconsequences -at- gmail -dot- com while you’re at it?

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Part 1: Bonds

Chapter 1 – Rafella

Chapter 2 – Sebasten

Chapter 3 – Rafella

Chapter 4 – Sebasten

Chapter 5 – Rafella

Chapter 6 – Sebasten (coming soon) 

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